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Hand Sanitizer

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Refining Clean Hands & Body Sanitizer

2 FL OZ - filled with protection for you and your family and is a great gift for your employees.

aloe based - it will soothe and heal your skin providing total protection to your skin.

70 % Alcohol kills 99.999 % of all virus.

Organic - we use only organic ingredients to ensure the quality of our product.

We are FDA approved and ready to ship across the us and abroad.

Open Your Business Safely with Refining Clean

Health Fairs Direct is here to help you open your business safely by providing you with high quality products in an efforts to the COVID-19 virus and win the battle. The best way is to be prepared is to get the supplies you will need before you need them. Our 2 ounce pocket size hand sanitizer is perfect  personal use. It can be carried with you everywhere even on your next flight.

Carrying personal use hand sanitizer with you is essential in today’s environment.  Don’t wish you had it with you!  Bring it with you!



You can bring it to your office and stay protected around the clock. 

airport safe

Bring it to your next flight with confidence to stay safe.

Online Health Fairs

Health Fairs Direct is fully dedicated to helping our clients open their businesses in a safe and efficient manner. We understand that the safety and mental wellbeing of your employees returning to work is a top priority. To support this effort, we are providing:

Testing and Mental Wellbeing Support

  • COVID 19 Antibody Testing
  • COVID 19 Testing
  • Employee Temperature Screenings
  • Webinars
  • Online Fitness Classes
  • Virtual (online) Health Fairs
  • Virtual One On One Consultations


Screenings and healthy living Services

Health Fairs Direct can provide your corporation with multiple services related to the COVID-19 service such as the temperature testing and helping your business to open safely.

Get Fit On Your Workplace

Get more information about our programs that we have available to your corporation that will engage you and your co-workers in keeping yourself healthy even on a busy workplace.

Temperature Testing

Health Fairs Direct provides with Temperature Screening services for your business. Click on the button to get more information about our temperature screening testing.


Health Fairs Direct has Personal Protective Equipment available now to be shipped across the USA.

Caution, Do Not Eat Hand Sanitizer.  Do not put near eyes or use on any sensitive body parts.